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Connect Times is a media blog which delivers useful and job-related information for foreigners to work and live in Japan.
Connect Times is run and managed by Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation.

Connect Timesについて

Connect Timesは、外国人が日本で働き、生活するために役立つ情報や仕事にむけて配信するメディアです。
Connect Timesは、 フォーレストバレー・コンシェルジュ株式会社 が運営しています。

Connect Job WORKERS

Connect Job WORKERS is an online service, matching companies to foreigners who are looking for jobs specifically for Special Skilled Workers visa in Japan.
Connect Job WORKERS は企業向け、人手不足を特定技能人材の採用で解決する求人掲載サービスです。

For company (企業向けサイト)
For foreigner(外国人向けサイト)

Connect Job WORKERS is an app that helps foreigners to find jobs with tokutei-ginou visa (特定技能/とくていぎのう) in Japan with all support FREE OF CHARGE.
Foreigners can choose various jobs in different industries such as restaurants, hotels, nursing care, agriculture across Japan based on what is your background, interest, and expertise.

Download app for Android and iOS here:

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Connect Study NIHONGO

Connect Study NIHONGO is a mobile app, which will be efficient for Japanese language learners who don’t have much time to study or prepare.

Our mobile app focuses on learners who are preparing to work in Specified Skilled Workers industries and includes numerous technical-related terms for further studies. It allows users with limited time to save time and better understand the study materials.

Download app for Android and iOS here:

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Connect Job

Connect Job is a platform to support foreigners to work abroad and growing their career on an international stage.