Bocchi the Rock: Real Life Anime Locations in Shimokitazawa



The large, toy machine-lined entrance of Shimokitazawa's own Village Vanguard branch is a great meeting place for locals and visitors alike who are attempting to figure out the neighborhood. Beyond that, it is an excellent place to hang out when the weather is nice and people want to kill some time. Bocchi makes use of this chain store location strategically, staging a number of scenes in front of it to emphasize the show's regional vibe. In the meanwhile, if you go there in person, you can find Bocchi items in the shop.


Shimokitazawa has undergone major reconstruction recently, similar to many other Tokyo areas. Bocchi simply existing in the Shimokitazawa of today, passing no judgment and instead mimicking how a young band behaves in the neighborhood. Whether it is good or bad is still up for dispute. The band members have a cool hangout spot in the anime that was modeled after the hip spot Senrogai. Senrogai, a park-like open area with a number of shops, eateries, and food trucks, debuted in late 2020. It embodies the modern Shimokitazawa while retaining the traditional Shimokita cold. 


Choosing what kind of area is too pedestrian is difficult when creating a list like this. It is slightly deflating to recommend someone visit a random Mos Burger or the backside of a building merely because it was in an anime, despite the fact that the animators behind Bocchi put a lot of attention into the backgrounds of the places the characters frequent in Shimokitazawa. Having said that, you should unquestionably visit this parking lot. 


Another place that exemplifies how swiftly Shimokitazawa is changing is Adrift. Adrift, which opened in 2021, is situated in Reload, one of a number of recent construction projects nearby. In particular, it is a "entertainment space" hosting a range of events, including concerts, and contributing to both maintaining and enhancing Shimokitazawa's historical musical reputation. Unlike the seedier living houses dotted around, it's a good place to go if you want to get a flavor of what contemporary performance is like in the neighborhood.

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