5 Reasons to Check Out Yamaha Ginza


1. Enjoy the Key Between People Digital Piano's Sounds (and Sight!)

A piano like this has never been seen before. Key Between People has a circular stage arrangement with the pianist seated in the center and the audience seated on benches around them, bringing them close for a personal musical experience. The centerpiece of the first level, the piano, is a part of the Brand Experience Area, which attempts to provide visitors unique audiovisual experiences. What's best? You can play a song for your friends and other shoppers since anyone can play the piano.

2. Observe a "Live" Concert with Real Sound 

The Notes by Yamaha café lounge, located on the second floor of the Brand Experience Area, offers more uncommon musical experiences. There, you'll find Real Sound Viewing, a cutting-edge live performance that the store refers to as "vacuum-packed." Behind automated musical instruments (a piano, bass, and drum set) in the store, perfectly positioned videos of musicians performing their instruments are displayed. The result is amazing: 

It genuinely appears and sounds like the musicians are performing in front of you. 

3. Cocktails and Mocktails with a Musical Twist at Notes by Yamaha Café Lounge

You can find a wide selection of food and drinks at the aforementioned Notes by Yamaha café lounge if the sound of ice clinking in cocktail glasses is your cup of tea. Particularly noteworthy are mocktails and drinks that draw inspiration from musicians and classical and modern musical compositions. 

Love the taste of apple and spices together? In honor of the Rossini opera of the same name, in which a parent is compelled to shoot an apple from his son's head, order the William Tell mocktail, a delectable concoction of apple-based components, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. 

4. At the Notes by Yamaha Café Stand, you may unwind to music.

The first floor of Yamaha Ginza is home to this more compact but no less charming café, which is the ideal place to relax while perusing Ginza's world-class shopping districts. In addition to a selection of teas and coffees, the café offers lattes that can be ordered hot or cold and are topped with one of five embellishments with music-related themes.

5. Enjoy the Reverberation of Yamaha Hall.

With walls made of mahogany, a wood used to make pianos, and a ceiling made of maple, a substance used to make drums, this stunningly designed space is one of Japan's top performance halls. The depth of the sound produced by the symbiotic relationship between musician, instrument, and acoustics gives the sense of being inside an immense instrument when you are sitting inside. In actuality, the idea of the hall is that it is one colossal instrument. Additionally, the sound of the space only gets better with age, just like with guitars and violins.

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