5 reasons to study Japanese?


Teaching English in Japan

If you are proficient in English, you can apply for tutoring positions or jobs that involve teaching English. The education system in Japan is regarded as one of the best in the world, and it is also an area where you are always given the respect and consideration you deserve. In this culture, being a teacher is equivalent to being an elder, thus you gain a special standing that enables you to learn about all the interesting and really valuable cultural aspects.

Employment in World's Top Companies

When a prospective employee asks a typical HR manager why they should learn Japanese, the manager typically smiles and responds, "Learning Japanese is a fantastic opportunity to get employed at one of the world's top firms in London, Paris, New York, or Melbourne, among other locations." Since you interact with numerous corporate spheres or creative media on a daily basis, Japanese language abilities are constantly in high demand, from being a consultant for immigration services to handling international logistics. Yes, there are countless options, so take a chance.


The perfect gateway language

Although one of the more challenging languages to learn, it can serve as a starting point for learning other Asian languages. Japanese will seem significantly different to English speakers for obvious reasons. The writing system is challenging since there are three different character kinds, honorifics, and various speech patterns depending on the circumstance.

A whole new universe of literature, films, music, games, anime, and other media can be enjoyed by learning a new language, particularly Japanese or other Asian languages. The most widely used media frequently undergo English translation. However, less well-known Japanese films or anime are either not translated into English, are not official translations, or are of poor quality.

By learning the language, you can better understand the culture and learn about a side of Japan that you otherwise would not have known about.

Enjoying all the exclusives

As fans of manga, anime, and video games are likely well aware, Japan frequently produces the best content. You name it: limited collector's editions of anime shows and films, special edition game consoles, brand-new toys, and figurines!

You'll likely need to work through a re-seller and may be required to pay more in order to obtain these things from abroad. It implies that the product itself is probably only available in Japanese, thus being able to communicate in that language will allow you to get the most out of it.

Personal Growth

The most crucial component is frequently missed by beginners to Japanese grammar and pronunciation. As one learns and engages with others, it aids in personal development and teaches patience. These are the explanations for why most locals give you their undivided attention. To listen and pay attention to all the tonal aspects of what is being stated is another aspect of language specificity. Just consider Japanese television shows or commercials. Some people find them to be overly sentimental. Actually, they only convey the appropriate tonality.

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