What JLPT score is needed to look for a job in Japan?


What JLPT score is needed to look for a job in Japan?

Most Japanese employers require JLPT N2 as the minimal level of Japanese proficiency if you wish to work in Japan. with the hope that if you have the job, your Japanese will keep getting better. Some businesses might even demand N1.

The standard will be higher for work that is directly related to producing written documents in Japanese, regardless of the requirement stated on the job posting. Most companies in Japan expect you to be conversationally fluent and capable of communicating with your colleagues about the work that you are doing.

Bear in mind that Japanese businesses may not be familiar with the JLPT and may instead choose to create their tests based solely on the established levels.

As a result, there may be a discrepancy between what they expected and what they saw in the advertisement. They might tell you that N3 is fine, but when they interview you, they'll have higher standards for your communication skills.

The short answer is that there isn't a particular JLPT level that will open doors for you, but as long as you can speak Japanese smoothly with your coworkers and superiors, you should be fine.

Careers you should think about applying for after obtaining N2


・Translators (Japanese to English)

・Tourism and Hospitality related service work

・Sales Support Services

・Flight Attendants

・Part-time work at Convenience Stores or Grocery, Restaurants

Careers you should think about applying for after obtaining N1

Most jobs are a viable option

・Prerequisite for Medical Practitioners or Doctors




・Public Health Nurse


・Clinical engineer


・Emergency Medical Technician

・Speech Therapist


・Dental Hygienist

・Dental Technician

・Clinical Laboratory Technician

・Physical Therapist

・Occupational Therapist


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