Enjoy the Four Seasons of Japan!

Enjoy the Four Seasons of Japan!


Have you been to Japan? Japan is famous because visitors can experience all four of the beautiful seasons. Which is the best season if you’re coming to study abroad in Japan? This article explains the characteristics of each season.


  1. Spring (March to May)
  2. Summer (June to August)
  3. Autumn (September to November)
  4. >Winter (December to March)


1.Spring (March to May)

cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms, known as “sakura” in Japan, are representative of this season in Japan.(※1) The flowers begin to open in March each year and finish blooming and fall within a month. The entire landscape turns into a beautiful pink color. The cherry blossom petals falling gently (referred to as a “flower blizzard” in Japanese) is something you can only enjoy in Japan.

Furthermore, spring is said to be a season of new encounters and farewells in Japan. Unlike other countries, initiations and graduations for schools primarily take place in April. If you want to make the most of this experience, we recommend beginning your study abroad program in April.

(※1)The 44 Best Cherry Blossom Spots All Around Japan - 2021 Guide

2.Summer (June to August)

Japan is an island country, so most of its land is surrounded by water. That’s why you can enjoy the beaches from almost anywhere in the country when it’s summertime!
Okinawa Prefecture is particularly known for its beautiful coral reefs. It’s warm year-round, so visitors can enjoy diving and other marine activities.(※2) Summers in Japan are known for being hot and humid, but it won’t bother you if you go to beaches and enjoy barbecues!

the beach of Okinawa

(※2)About Coral Reefs in Okinawa


3.Autumn (September to November)

The autumn season is when temperatures begin dropping ahead of winter. This is the season when leaves start turning red and yellow. Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, is bustling with tourists during this season.

Halloween has also become a very popular holiday in Japan in recent years. Halloween in Japan is unique in that many adults dress up in costumes and roam the streets. You’ll not only encounter the usual zombies and monsters, but also characters from famous anime and manga works. Join in if you’re in Japan during this exciting holiday!



4.Winter (December to March)

If you look at a map, you’ll see that Japan is a rather “long” country. The temperatures in Hokkaido and Okinawa, the northern- and southern-most prefectures, vary by a lot. Prefectures in the north experience lots of snow each year.

The Sapporo Snow Festival(※3) held each year displays some of the most magnificent works created from snow. (It’s extremely cold, but it’s worth viewing!)

Winter sports are also famous in Japan. During this season, many people go out to enjoy snowboarding and skiing. There are many ski resorts you can visit within 2 hours from Tokyo or Osaka.

Castle made of snow

(※3)The Sapporo Snow Festival

If you’re coming to Japan to study abroad, you should at least stay for a year so you can enjoy all four seasons!