Reasons Why Japan Is the World's Most Unique Country


Japanese cuisine

In addition to foods that are well-known throughout the world, including edamame (soybeans), sushi, and miso, there are many other distinctively Japanese cuisine that even the most daring foodie might require persuading to try.

Manga, anime

One of the first manga ever created was Astro Boy, which was written in the 1950s. The revolutionary style of the comic was lauded, and decades later, manga and anime would develop into two of the nation's most well-known exports. South Korea and China's comic book artists, in particular, are heavily influenced by Japanese manga.


Small, moveable seats for the elite during the Heian Period is where tatami flooring first appeared. Tatami mats were already being used by the lower classes by the early Edo Period. They require frequent replacement and are not just cozy but also demanding maintenance. These days, they're mostly employed in spaces decorated in a Japanese aesthetic, like tearooms, classic restaurants, and ryokan (inns).

Kawaii Culture

No other country on world adores cuteness like Japan. One of the most cherished qualities a thing may have is kawaiiness, which can be found in everything from cute mascots and warning signs to pop culture figures and ads.

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