5 things to buy before studying abroad


1. An all-in-one travel adapter

The outlets in your dorm may be different from those at home while you are traveling. To plug in all of your gadgets, a universal adaptor is essential. Electronics that are completely charged will allow you to finish your schoolwork. Also, you'll want to stay in touch with your family while you're away.

Remember that different countries have different voltage needs when choosing an adaptor. Choose how many devices you want to utilize simultaneously in addition. Look for an adapter with numerous outlets if you intend to simultaneously charge many devices.

2. A windproof umbrella

Including this item in your study abroad packing list if you want to be ready for any weather. A portable umbrella will shield you from wind and precipitation. Furthermore useful for outdoor activities, it fits easily inside your backpack.

Remember that they come in all sizes and open in various ways when you're shopping. Some umbrellas require manual opening, while others can be opened by pressing a button. When choosing, take into account your personal tastes and spending limit.

3. A Quality Set of Walking Shoes

One of the key items to purchase before studying abroad is a good pair of supportive shoes. Excursions outside of the classroom are a common feature of study abroad programs. So, wearing comfy shoes can significantly enhance the experience.

A good pair of sneakers are also necessary if walking is your main mode of transportation. Also, walking is economical and healthy. Make careful to break in any new shows you decide to purchase before you depart.

4. Essential Medications

It can be a little intimidating to try to find your way through a foreign drugstore. You should therefore pack your necessary prescriptions in case of emergencies. So, stock up on cough syrup, Advil, and Nyquil.

Make sure you have enough of any prescription medications you take to last the entire semester. At least four to six weeks before your trip, discuss it with your doctor. Moreover, during the visit, go through how the prescription should be stored before traveling.

5. A Robust Backpack

In order to transport all of your textbooks and notebooks, you should have a backpack. Then you can use it as a bag for your weekend excursions. Hence, when visiting the city, you can bring along necessities like a water bottle. Also, it aids in keeping your school supplies located and organized.

Instead of rolling luggage, think about browsing for duffel bags or travel bags. Moreover, search for a bag with lots of room so you may bring some trinkets home. When grabbing your bag quickly, a backpack with additional handles is especially useful.

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