What topics to talk about with your Japanese friend?


Why make friends in Japan?

First, let's discuss the advantages of establishing Japanese friends before we get into the specifics of how to do so. Making Japanese friends will aid in your language development and cultural education. The people of Japan are wonderful and hilarious to be around! This page aims to dispel some of the misconceptions that foreigners have when attempting to make friends with the Japanese and provide the most helpful advice we can!

Understanding Japanese culture and the world from a Japanese viewpoint

  • Japanese people enjoy discussing famous individuals, music, anime, and dramas. Individuals from all nations enjoy discussing renowned people and things. Speaking with Japanese people will be considerably simpler if you are familiar with a few well-known Japanese figures, subjects, and shows. Japanese folks will be astounded by your depth of cultural knowledge as well! If you're stuck for ideas, try asking a Japanese person for show suggestions or cool celebs!

  • It depends depend on who you are speaking to and whether your goal is to make Japanese friends who enjoy anime or not because not everyone in Japan is an anime fan. However, there are a number of enduring Japanese family animation series that practically everyone in Japan will be familiar with, including Sazae-san. Also keep in mind that discussing your favorite show may be difficult due to the extensive vocabulary needed to discuss anime in Japanese. If you truly want to discuss anime with a Japanese individual, I suggest preparing a few standard phrases about your favorite anime in advance to ensure effective communication.

  • One of the most crucial things to acquire while integrating into a new culture is manners! Simple gestures like saying "please" and "thank you" can greatly simplify your life and the lives of people around you. Knowing what is expected of you might improve how others see you and demonstrate that you are a reliable, responsible person. In addition to your pleases and thank yous, here are a few more manners guidelines to get you started.

  • There are numerous fundamental self-introduction subjects to discuss, such as your names and your hometowns. Furthermore, there are many other topics to expand the conversation.

What are your hobbies? - 趣味は何ですか?

Do you like movies? - 映画は好きですか?

What movies do you like? - どの映画が好きですか?

What music do you like? - どの音楽が好きですか?

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