Why study abroad


One of the finest methods to develop global competencies and access personal and professional opportunities is to study abroad.

Many students find that studying abroad has changed their lives by introducing them to new cultures and fostering tolerance and understanding. Global participation and exposure can radically alter a student's life throughout their academic career, from elementary to graduate school. Students who study abroad perform better academically, experience less attrition, and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study abroad, according to research on the more clearly quantifiable effects of study abroad.

Businesses are aware of the advantages of studying abroad to improve job skills.

Employers ranked critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, and self-management as the three most important talents for the global workforce in 2025, according to the World Economic Forum's Future of Employment Report (2020).

Companies increasingly view foreign internships as a vital recruitment channel and a way to find qualified candidates who are aware of global issues. Over 25,000 American students took part in credit-bearing international internships or jobs abroad in 2018–19.

According to AIM Overseas, "61% of employers concur that having studied abroad is [good] on a résumé. Likewise, 72% of companies concur that a prospective employee's appeal is increased by learning a second language. According to the same study, 95% of students considered the exchange program to be beneficial for their future career ambitions.

According to the 2020 QS Global employer survey, which was based on responses from 13,0000 hiring managers and CEOs, 25% of respondents reported that having foreign experience was important when hiring new employees.

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