Tokyo Robots and Where to Find Them


The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is located in Miraikan.

The museum of rising science and innovation, Miraikan in Odaiba, is the best spot to start looking for robots. Asimo, one of the most well-known humanoid robots ever, is part of a sizable robot exhibit at Miraikan. Asimo performs in the museum multiple times each day, among other things singing and scoring goals. Given that it was created by Honda in 2000, this robot is currently regarded as outdated technology. Honda is working on newer models, but you can always find the amiable Asimo in Miraikan, where he'll tell you that he imagines a future in which humans and robots coexist.

Information counter with robots in Aqua City Odaiba

The humanoid robots in the Aqua City Odaiba shopping center, which is close to Miraikan, are employees rather than exhibits. In her professional attire, Junco seems so real that onlookers might not realize that she is a robot. The lifelike voice of Junko, who moves smoothly and subtly, may respond to your inquiries in Japanese, Chinese, and English. She can give you advice on where to shop, direct you to the closest train station, or even strike up a conversation with you about herself.

Spice Parlor

Pepper, a semi-humanoid robot created by Softbank, can serve a variety of purposes, but it's likely that you'll see him serving diners. In fact, according to Softbank's website, the Pepper assistant is used by more than 2,000 businesses worldwide. Because he has been trained to engage with people and can recognize faces and common human emotions, Pepper is exceptionally friendly. He can follow someone around once his eyes have locked onto them.

Robot + Love = Lovot

Lovots are created primarily as human friends, in contrast to other robots created to perform tasks for people. Once you get to know a Lovot, you'll see why their name is so fitting. These adorable robot dogs are designed to be heavy, cuddly, and warm to mimic a living creature. A Lovot requests kisses, cuddling, and playtime. You can pet it till it nods off in your hands or lift it up in the air while it squeals with glee.

Henn na Hotel
Robots of both the humanoid and dinosaur varieties work at the front desk of the Henna na Hotel franchise. Both collaborate at Henna na Hotel Haneda Airport. It appears to be a scene from a cutting-edge sci-fi film. In certain Henna na Hotel locations in Japan, you will be greeted by a cap-wearing raptor who will bow politely and assist you with check-in. However, this circumstance may seem like something out of a fever dream.

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