Internships in Japan for AI and Tech Students 2024


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Are you interested in having work experience in the AI and tech industry? Are you also interested in trying to work abroad? We have good news for you!!

We’re delighted to introduce you to “Internships in Japan for AI and Tech Students,” a government-led internship program in Japan starting this summer.

This article explains what the program is about, and how you can benefit your future and student life from this program.


②What’s the Internships in Japan for AI and Tech Students 2024?

“Internships in Japan for AI and Tech Students” is a program that creates opportunities for interns from ODA recipient countries to learn about overseas business strategies, various technologies, and specialized skills.

Program Framework

General internship responsibilities include but are not limited to
- Digital transformation / New business development leveraging AI technology
- Web design and production for overseas markets
- Market research/marketing in the intern’s country
- Service development for overseas markets

Applicants with IT/AI-related majors are eligible for this internship.
So, just apply if you’re enthusiastic to gain experience in any areas around tech, AI, engineering, or computer science!!

Internship Schedule

For more details, please check the link below
Internships in Japan for AI and Tech Students 2024


③Benefits of the Internships in Japan for AI and Tech Students 2024

(1) Discover Japanese companies that eagerly welcome tech talent from overseas

This government-approved internship program is sponsored and implemented by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It offers opportunities to meet Japanese companies willing to employ international talents.

(2) Travel, lodging, and language support for traveling to Japan

The administration office will handle the entry visa procedures required for participation in the internship, as well as airline tickets and accommodations. Subsidies are also offered to cover the cost of accommodation during your stay in Japan.
Full travel support is also provided, with assistance available in English and Spanish.

(3) Grow both practical and interpersonal skills by working abroad 

This is a great opportunity to grow your skills through an internship at a leading, growing, global tech company in Japan.
In addition to the practical skills, you can improve your ability as a global business leader by immersing yourself in a new environment.


④Let’s apply!

Sounds exciting to you??

If you’re interested in applying for the internships, you can apply from the links below.
IT engineer application
AI engineer application

Some may think you don’t check every box for the requirements, but we really encourage you to apply anyway. It costs nothing, also you’ll never know what might happen!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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