Join the internship in Japan! Japan Internship Program 2024


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Are you interested in working in Japan or getting experience using Japanese?
There’s a perfect opportunity for you to kick-start your career in Japan!!

In this article, we will introduce you to “Japan Internship Program 2024” and how it can help your future career.


②What’s the Japan Internship Program?

Japan Internship Program 2024 is a government-initiated program that provides global talents who want to work for a Japanese company with opportunities to grasp the image of working in Japan through participation in internships.

Having actual job experience in Japan will enable you to understand Japanese social and business customs, gain Japanese market trends and common practices of the industry, as well as improve your ability as a global business leader.

Program Framework

Companies are limited to small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Japan, and they come from various industries such as agriculture, information and communication, manufacturing, service, and so on!
Therefore, there’ll always be an opportunity where you can use your skills or academic background!!

Internship Schedule

Please visit the website to see the program details.
Japan Internship Program 2024


③Benefits of the Japan Internship Program

So, other than being able to have work experience in Japan, what are the benefits for you to join the Japan Internship Program?

(1) Discover Japanese companies that proactively welcome international talents

This internship program is sponsored and implemented by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It offers opportunities to meet Japanese companies willing to employ international talents.

(2) Travel and lodging support for traveling to Japan

The administration office will subsidize your round-trip airfare (economy class), travel insurance, and transport costs to the training facilities and accommodation during the internship.
They will also assist with the entry visa procedures required for participation in the internship.

(3) Internships utilizing English and Japanese

This is a great opportunity to gain new experience and grow your skills through an internship in Japan.

Not only can you utilize and improve your language skills, you can also learn the job responsibilities in Japan, and build reliance with Japanese companies which might lead to your future employment or career!!


④Let’s apply!

Sounds exciting to you??

If you’re interested in trying for this internship, please apply from the link below!!

Some may think you don’t check every box for the requirements, but we really encourage you to apply anyway. It costs nothing, also you’ll never know what might happen!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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