What you need to know when looking for a home in Japan!

What you need to know when looking for a home in Japan!


While it's important where you study, your home is really more crucial, don't you think? You spend a lot of time alone at home doing chores, eating, sleeping, and other activities.

Today on Connect Study ABROAD, we'll provide you the advice you need to know to find a home that you're happy with once you've decided on a Japanese school that you're satisfied with.
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  1. Use Real Estate App
  2. Moushikomi
  3. Use of the Comprehensive Guarantee System for Consignment
  4. Check to see if a bicycle parking lot is available

1. Use Real Estate App


SUUMO is one of the top real estate apps available in Japan. This is in no way a marketing.
Many people in the real estate sector use SUUMO, which uploads a ton of housing data in real time and contains relatively little erroneous information. I was told by a real estate agent to utilize Sumo to hunt for homes when I was looking for a home.
In order to verify it conveniently and thoroughly, use the specific free application. It also includes important information such home images.

2. Moushikomi

Moushikomi has a meaning that is comparable to a preliminary contract.
Before signing a contract for a house, a process called "Moushikomi" is followed in Japan.
The landlord and management business will inform you whether you can move in or not after they have confirmed your paperwork, if you have prepared and submitted them using a form provided by the real estate.
It is advised that you schedule all dates, including moushikomi, well in advance when looking for a home because this process can take some time.
Please be aware that although the moshikomi may be canceled during the process, it may be withdrawn if a contractor arrives first for the same property. This is not a legal contract.

3. Use of the Comprehensive Guarantee System for Consignment

When signing a contract for a home in Japan, you must locate a guarantor who resides in the country. However, what about international students who have trouble enrolling?
All you need to do in this situation is utilize the Entrusted Comprehensive Guarantee System right away!
JASSO will act as a guarantee for foreign students who need to obtain housing under the Entrusted Comprehensive Guarantee System. However, this method might not be accessible depending on the school you're enrolling in (including Japanese language institutions), so make sure to check with the institution beforehand.
Please visit the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) website for further information.

4. Check to see if a bicycle parking lot is available

Japan's transportation expenditures are not all that much more expensive than those in Europe and the US.
If you have a short distance to travel, consider utilizing a bicycle as it is both healthy and environmentally beneficial. If you have a long distance to travel, it is best to use public transit like buses or subways.
In actuality, both Japanese and international students frequently use bicycles in daily life. If you plan to buy one and use it frequently, it is crucial to ensure that there is a bicycle parking lot in front of your house where you can keep your bicycle. This is similar to how you would search for a location near a train station if you frequently use public transit.

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