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Web Localization Startup in Japan Eliminates Borders to Create an Internet for Everyone

Minimal Technologies is a tech start-up based in Tokyo with the mission to “localize the world’s websites and create an internet for everyone”. Its...
7 min read

Finding an IT Job Safe from AI

  While AI and automation are eliminating and changing jobs in almost all fields, some jobs should be safe for the near future. Martin...
2 min read

Japan’s Progressive Approach in Fintech and Opportunities for Overseas Talents

Japan was a digital-currency pioneer. People in Japan have been using contactless mobile payments by phone since 2004 when NTT DoCoMo introduced its “wallet-phone”...
2 min read

3 Times IT Professionals Should Consider an Overseas Job

#1 You’re stuck in the same job and your skills are underutilized Imagine you’ve been in the same position for more than a few...
3 min read

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