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JR-East Internship: Fostering Lifetime Global Experiences

Since the first time it was held in 2017, the East Japan Railway (aka JR-EAST) Global Internship program has been one of the most...
7 min read

Specified Skilled Worker Basics: Building Cleaning and Management Worker

Based on the source Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, Tokyo Metropolitan Government reports 2018, a number of enterprises who preliminary registered in 2016...
2 min read

Japan’s Innovative Industries

Japan is globally known to be one of the most developed countries in Asia. The rapid development of the nation in the postwar era...
2 min read

Diversity at Mercari: Putting Intercultural Exchange into Practice

In this series, we introduce companies that use Fourth Valley Concierge’s & Connect Job services for their global recruitment. This time, we’ll be introducing...
3 min read

Working in Japan is easier than ever! Get the perspective of an IT physical distribution worker.

Fourth Valley Concierge offers global recruiting services for people who want to work in Japan. We interviewed one such individual who landed a job...
3 min read

About Specified Skilled Worker VISA – (Tokutei Ginou, 特定技能)

The new visa “Specified Skilled Worker” is designed to supply the shortage of workforce in Japan. There are many visas that allow employment permitted...
2 min read

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