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Why you should take a working holiday?

Working holiday visas allow travelers to work and sometimes study in another country. Most of these visas are offered under reciprocal agreements between countries...
3 min read

Computational Creativity and Humor

Computational creativity is a multidisciplinary study that combines the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, philosophy, and the arts. Its goal is to model,...
3 min read

Monthly Cost of Living for a Single Person in Japan

Relocating to another country can seem very daunting, and among many other factors, monthly living costs is one of the main things many foreigners...
3 min read

Is It Better to Work at a Big or Small Company?

Imagine you are offered two jobs with similar salaries, benefits, commutes, and responsibilities. Would the size of the two companies factor into your decision?...
3 min read

How to plan for a Gap Year?

A “gap year” typically refers to a year off between high school and college or university. It may also indicate a break before entering...
3 min read

How to interview for a job in Japan?

PREPARE A RESUME As in other countries, you typically have to submit a resume before a job interview in Japan. However, unlike resumes in...
2 min read

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