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Can Self-Sovereign Identities Built Using Blockchain Prevent Future Identity and Privacy Problems?

In the offline world, establishing your identity can be done fairly easily in many situations. For example, if you go to a liquor store...
3 min read

Communication ability is 14 times more valuable than language ability

Stories that began with “once upon a time” were born out of time when Japan still had no written characters. Letters were introduced to...
8 min read

Education Technology: From Blackboards to iPads

Education technology, or EdTech, is a wide field with various definitions. However, most definitions state that EdTech is the systematic application of scientific knowledge,...
3 min read

Governments and Corporations Want Your Smart-Meter Data

Is There Anybody Home? Toronto has a housing problem. Its real estate market is overvalued, and Toronto tops the list of cities at risk...
3 min read

Transferwise takes on the world’s banks

LIKE SKYPE BUT FOR MONEY Anyone who sends money to another country on a regular basis soon becomes aware of the hidden fees charged...
3 min read

The art of developing a heightened sense of taste

France is a country remarkably conscious of food education. They consider it the first step in teaching the rules of life. Nearly all elementary...
2 min read

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