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IoT Devices Tackle Japan’s Quality Assurance, Labor Shortage, and Senior Care Issues

In 2018, Japan’s 3 largest mobile carriers will introduce telecommunication services dedicated to Internet of things (IoT) devices used by corporations. It is hoped...
3 min read

Japanese Digital Agency Embraces Diversity to Gain Insights into the International Market

IMJ is one of the largest full-service digital agencies in Japan. Founded 21 years ago, the company recently joined Accenture Group, a worldwide consulting...
6 min read

Finding the Zest in Living

At one Japanese chalk-making company, disabled workers make up about 70%of all the workers. Despite making the travel to work on packed trains during...
2 min read

Coincheck Hack Puts Focus on Cryptocurrency Security and Regulations

On January 26, Coincheck, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, discovered an anomaly on its systems at 11:25 AM. Between about noon and 1 PM, the...
2 min read

Kindness of Heart

There is a service in Japan that allows people to borrow an umbrella for free in trains stations and libraries called “goodwill umbrellas.” This...
2 min read

Is the Big City truly the best city?

  In Japan, the number of people who moved to rural areas in the five-year span starting in 2009 more than quadrupled, now exceeding...
2 min read

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