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3 Times IT Professionals Should Consider an Overseas Job

#1 You’re stuck in the same job and your skills are underutilized Imagine you’ve been in the same position for more than a few...
3 min read

Is Silicon Valley Losing Its Shine?

GO WEST If you are a young information technology worker, you probably dream of working in Silicon Valley, home to many of the world’s...
2 min read

How To Negotiate a Job Offer

Many people don’t like negotiating. You probably have a friend or relative who negotiates so often and hard that it makes you cringe. You...
3 min read

Can Self-Sovereign Identities Built Using Blockchain Prevent Future Identity and Privacy Problems?

In the offline world, establishing your identity can be done fairly easily in many situations. For example, if you go to a liquor store...
3 min read

Communication ability is 14 times more valuable than language ability

Stories that began with “once upon a time” were born out of time when Japan still had no written characters. Letters were introduced to...
8 min read

Education Technology: From Blackboards to iPads

Education technology, or EdTech, is a wide field with various definitions. However, most definitions state that EdTech is the systematic application of scientific knowledge,...
3 min read

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