Weekend trips while studying abroad


You are visiting a foreign nation, so of course you want to take advantage of your stay by going out on the weekends! If you have the time and resources, traveling on the weekends while you're abroad is a crucial part of the experience!

Step 1: Plan

Do early research for your trip! Studying abroad goes by much more quickly than you could have ever imagined. It's crucial to plan everything out in advance and determine when weekends you can depart if you wish to travel on the weekends. I created a calendar including all of my homework assignments, tests, projects, field trips, and events so I could quickly determine when weekends I could travel.

Step 2: Money

It might be challenging to prepare for and budget for travel because it costs A LOT of money. I keep track of everything I've bought as well as an estimate of everything I'll buy in the future using an excel spreadsheet to manage my finances. This will enable me to keep track of how much money I have left over after spending what I have planned to spend. This is essential if you want to travel on a budget. When you check your bank account and see how much money you have been spending, you don't want to be shocked! My advice is to set aside money for "random spending." 

Step 3: Transportation

The easiest method to get the most affordable flights is to book EARLY. This is related to phase 1's forward planning! Even a few days of waiting can cause price fluctuations that you don't desire. While looking for flights, using private browsing is one way you might try to manage this. I do this to avoid alerting the airline to the fact that I am looking up a specific ticket and giving them the chance to raise the price for me. Airlines keep an eye on passenger behavior to determine demand and set prices. The price will be cheaper the less individuals they believe are interested in the flight.

Step 4: Accommodation

When traveling, there are three main lodging options: hostel, hotel, and Airbnb. Anything you decide depends on a number of variables. The first is cost; most people would presume that lodging in hostels would be the least expensive choice. This isn't always true, though! On one of our weekend vacations, we discovered that the cost of reserving a family hotel room was comparable to the cost of reserving a hostel. If you value privacy and quiet, a hotel can be a better choice than a hostel. All of your traveling companions are guaranteed to be in the same room, and you receive your own facilities! HOWEVER reserving hostels has its advantages as well. Hostels may be the best option if you prefer a more sociable setting and want to meet new people! Another benefit is that hostels frequently include services like free meals and discounts on local tours, so remember to factor those in when comparing prices! The option of renting an Airbnb is the final one.

Step 5: Plan Excursions

Now for the enjoyable part! Making a plan for what you will actually do when visiting this new location. Although it isn't always necessary, scheduling a tour if your plans involve a lot of driving can be very convenient.

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