Why did you decide to get a job with the specific skill or Tokutei Ginou as "Caregiver" while studying in the same industry at university?

Fourth Valley Concierge has more than 10 years of experience in hiring highly skilled human resources. In April 2020, Fourth Valley Concierge Co., Ltd. started to support employees with the status of residence "specific skills" / Tokutei Ginou. This time, we would like to have an interview with Ms. Mar Mar Htay, who got a job offer from a company listed in Connect Job WORKERS, and that became the first choice for her as a Caregiver with a specified skilled worker visa.

Mar Mar Htay
She was born in Myanmar. Undergraduate student in Myanmar and she passed JLPT N4.

She is studying in the industrial major at school, but when she thought about her future job, she couldn't forget the worth of nursing care that she had been engaged in as a volunteer when she was in Myanmar, so she started job hunting mainly for nursing care. In May 2020, she passed a specific skill test for nursing care. “I applied for several nursing care jobs from Connect Job, and got a job offer from the company that was my first choice”. She will start to work at a nursing care facility in Tokyo from November 2020.

Q: Mar Mar Htay, Why did you decide to come to Japan?
Because I liked Japanese anime and culture. I also like Japanese history. I love samurai and things like that. Many of my friends around me also live abroad, and there are many Myanmar people who want to go to Japan. Also, the salary is higher compared to my country. https://s3-rabbit-dev.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/media/static/img/post/Untitled_design_3marmar.png Q: I think that "studying abroad" is a big challenge, but did you have any concerns when you came to Japan?
Hmm ... I was worried about the language barrier. There are not many Japanese who can speak English, and mostly only speak Japanese. So, before I came to Japan, I went to a Japanese language school, watched anime and Japanese movies. I'm still studying really hard.

Q: Are there any people, including friends, who come to Japan?
Yes, there are many Burmese in Japan. There are also in Singapore, America, and Australia, but Japan is more popular after all. But now we can't come to Japan, because of the COVID-19 restriction, so everyone now is waiting.

Q: Have you ever had any troubles or difficulties in job hunting in Japan?
Actually, I was worried about whether I should look for a job now. Since I had dropped out of a university in Myanmar and came to Japan, I wanted to graduate from the college I was attending now. But I have a younger sister and I want to study in Japan and work in Japan. I am waiting for the COVID-19 situation to get better now.
So, I felt strongly that I wanted to work as soon as possible and earn money to provide my younger sister the opportunity to study abroad.
Q: How did you feel when you got the offer?
I was really happy because it was the company that I wanted to join the most!

Q: When we interviewed her, she immediately answered, "I want to join the company!" (with Laughs)
“Yes” (laughs). The facilities were clean and the interviewees were very kind, so I wanted to work here. I was really happy when I got a job offer.

Q: Mar Mar Htay you had experience in nursing care in Myanmar, didn't you worry about working in Japan?
I was originally working as a nursing volunteer. Also, in Myanmar, it is common for families to take care of their grandparents, so I knew it well. I'm looking forward to it because it's a job that makes me feel worthwhile, but I'm nervous because it's my first time doing nursing work in Japanese. Do you understand what my mixed feeling is? I want to continue to study Japanese first!

Good Luck and do your best! Finally, please give a few advice to everyone who is thinking about finding a job in Japan!
I think that you can pass the exam for a specific skill if you study hard. I think there are many uncertainties, but please do your best!

Thank you Mar Mar Htay for today! Please do your best from now on!
Thank you very much!

>> Editorial postscript

Mar Mar Htay decided to get a job in Japan using a "specific skills visa" while helping "for her younger sisters," and finally obtained a job offer for "nursing care" that she wanted. Even though we kept smiling, we felt the strength to get to our goal. We are very happy to support Mar Mar Htay's employment.

The Fourth Valley Concierge will continue to do its best to fulfill the dream of young people around the world to come to Japan "I want to work in Japan!"