July 1, 2023, 7 a.m.

For students overseas - Upcoming events to work in Japan

Connect Job Asia Pacific 2023 in Jakarta on September 9th & 10th

Connect Job Europe 2023 in London on November 25th & 26th

Information will be updated soon! 

Work in Japan 일본 취직 선고회
◆◆◆Job Fair for Japanese speaker/learner in Korea !◆◆◆


- 日本・日本企業で働きたい方
- 日本語・英語が話せる方

・株式会社Fusic:応募締切 6月22日 (木)
・株式会社テクノプロ テクノプロ・IT社:応募締切 6月22日 (木)
・BEMAC株式会社 :応募締切 6月22日 (木)
・株式会社三井住友銀行 :応募締切 6月22日 (木)
・株式会社エル・ティー・エス :応募締切 6月22日 (木)
・フロンティア・マネジメント株式会社:応募締切 6月22日 (木) ※面接日 7月11日 (火) Online
・SOLIZE株式会社:応募締切 6月22日 (木)



【WEBINAR】Brush up your Japanese resume! for students in Europe

This webinar will focus on how to write a good Japanese resume that can
catch the eyes of Japanese companies!
We are planning to have fun quizzes throughout the event
so don't miss out this great chance to revise your Japanese resume!

・Quick review on what job hunting is like in Japan
・What is a good resume in Japan?
 We will compare the difference of resumes in japan and overseas
・Sample Resume Quiz~what is good and bad about this resume?~
*All of the contents will be delivered in English

Date and Time:
June 22nd (Thursday) and 23rd (Friday)
9:00-10:00 am BST / 10:00-11:00 am CEST / 5:00-6:00 pm JST

Place: ZOOM
Registration Deadline: 
June 21st 11:59 pm JST / 3:59 pm BST / 4:59 pm CEST

・Students from schools in Europe who graduate in the school year after 2023