May 12, 2021


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Fascinating Japan Part 2 – The beauty of accommodation for travelers

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Have you been to Japan? If you did, then you would be familiar with Japan’s unique accommodation types. If you have not, read on to find out more about the different types of places you can choose to stay in and more. This is because accommodation in Japan is not limited to traditional high rise hotels also known as “Western-styled” hotels. The large attraction factor for foreigners to Japan is the unique experience on can receive when visiting this East Asian region. 

The most traditional type of accommodation includes the ryokan or Japanese-style inns. These ryokans date all the way back to the shogun period and reflect sleeping arrangements that the emperor or high ranking samurai officials would have had as they traveled between cities. The ryokan would typically be a tatami room with futon laid out and a traditional Japanese course meal (known as kaiseki) served in the room itself. The facility would also have a shared public bath (also known as onsen) that usually gets its water from a natural source nearby. 

A Japanese Kaiseki meal, as served in a traditional Japanese hotel or ryokan.

Then there are also unique stays such as temple stays. The temples usually date hundreds of years back and are maintained entirely by the priests. The pull factor is the architecture that has remained including the experiencing simple temple life. Temples are usually located amongst lush nature, and the serene atmosphere there is much appreciated. Each temple also tends to have their own Japanese garden for resting and they would also organize events such as writing or religious rites.

For single travelers, there are also budget accommodations such as the famous capsule hotels. Capsule hotels used to be catered to businessmen making short trips but unable to afford nor need a large hotel. Nowadays, capsule hotels are almost like boutique hotels, providing a unique experience for the adventurous traveler. While traditional capsule hotels used to only allow one to sleep on a flat surface fairly safely, newer modern capsule hotels are now allowing women to stay, as well as larger spaces for people to relax in (such as being able to actually stow your luggage in your compartment with you instead of a shared locker area). 

Japan’s travel industry has seen sharp growth compared to other industries in Japan such as manufacturing. This is especially due to rising international inbound tourism as more foreign tourists are visiting Japan. When visiting Japan, accommodation is a necessity and yet there is a severe lack of workers in this industry. The job market is such that for every job seeker, there are 1.6 jobs available to them. 

This is especially the case with large traditional hotels which is why there is a growing demand for foreign workers in this industry. The new Specified Skilled Worker Visa is accepting applications in the hotel industry over other industries especially with the Tokyo Olympics coming up. To apply for the visa in the accommodation industry with work such as the front desk, hospitality, planning/public relations or restaurant services to name a few, one would only need to pass a single skill assessment examination. Other industries may require two or more classification exams so this makes it one of the lowest barriers of entry for a job in Japan. To find out more, you can view our SSW site or contact us for more information!

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