June 14, 2021


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Learning Japanese has never been easier than using video contents, for a better understanding of the concepts and pronunciations which are crucial parts of learning a new foreign language. Especially during this COVID 19 situation, learners have to rely more on online-based learning. These days we don’t just learn the language, we also study the country and the culture as well.

Apps are a great way to learn any language, they make learning a language fun.

Our Connect Job Team is pleased to announce about one of our newly launched mobile applications, Connect Study NIHONGO, which will be efficient for Japanese language learners who don’t have much time to study or prepare. The application focuses on learners who are preparing to work in Specified Skilled Workers industries and includes numerous technical-related terms for further studies. It allows users with limited time to save time and better understand the study materials.

You can easily download the Connect Study NIHONGO application for Android: here and for iOS: here.

There is a quick assessment feature and users will have to register and Sign Up so that the application will be able to track the test records better and increase the user experience. The quick assessment tests determine your nearest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for those who haven’t taken the test.

The features are varied that users can learn not only the language and Specified Skilled Working Industry-related technical terms, but can also cast a brief look at the country’s culture. Features are divided into (1) Word Count Goal and Progress, (2) Video Learning, (3) Vocabulary, and (4) Test features. The application is simple to use and user-friendly so users of various ages will not have a problem using it.

The application starts off with a great feature where a user can set personal “Word Count Goals” and keep track of their “Word Count Progress” daily and weekly. A user can set the word limits they want to learn each day with less than 1,000. And track their progress % by taking tests.

This “Video Learning” feature includes many types of short video contents ranging from basic formal greetings, to fun topics such as Japanese tongue twisters, knowledgeable topics such as Japanese tea ceremonies and so on. The application has many materials prepared in English and Japanese, but the concept is to provide the introductory instruction in the learners’ local language. The application also recommends similar videos after the user have watched a video of desired topic.

The “Vocabulary” category also includes “Specified Skilled Worker” section. In this Specified Skilled Workers Industry feature, there are various industries we have included in this application for users to be able to access variety of industries and their related technical terms. Industries include: Care Worker Industry, Food Service Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Food and Beverages Manufacturing Industry and among which the Manufacturing Industry is again divided into Casting, Machine Inspection, Plating and Iron Work. For each industry, the application displays (9) sets of vocabularies per industry with (8) words per set. After studying each set, users can quickly take test to evaluate what they have learned. 

Users can take 15-minute tests in the “Test” feature according to their levels. There are (3) levels: Beginner, Pre-intermediate, and Intermediate. The levels mentioned are equivalent to Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)’s N5, N4 and N3 respectively. Thus, taking those quick tests which questions are prepared by Japan Native teachers can help users determine their nearest JLPT level as well. The application also has the “Quick Assessment’s History” feature where a user can evaluate their own test records for better improvement. 

We can see that some learners don’t fully trust online learning due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. But with our application which has a video learning feature with a wide range of topics, we’re pretty sure our application will be able to help learners fully understand each and every learning content, even without the usual interaction. Furthermore, our team is always thinking of ways to better enhance the application’s performance and also be user-friendly at the same time. So we believe this application will be of help to Japanese language learners. 




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