Tokyo Neighborhood Guide: Kameido


Turtle Power

The Kameido Tenjin Shrine, a well-liked location to pray for academic achievement, is the most renowned monument in Kameido. The temple, which was first constructed in the middle of the 1600s and is well-known for its twin red drum bridges that cross a turtle and koi-filled pond, comes to life in the spring when exquisite hanging wisterias bloom. Visit this vibrant place between late October and late November for the Chrysanthemum Festival and between mid-February and early March for the Plum Festival.

Retro goods 

In Kameido, there are many places to shop, especially for regional specialties. The Kameido Katori Kachiun Shopping District, which is lined with distinctive structures evoking the Showa Period (1926–89), is one location that exudes nostalgic appeal. Kameido Clock, a freshly completed retail and residential complex that serves affluent individuals and families with young children that the neighborhood is eager to draw, stands in stark contrast. There is a lot of green space in the new mall where children and families can unwind, as well as a dining area with retro decor and restaurants that are close to one another to encourage a vibrant dining experience. 

Gyoza and guts

The lanes surrounding the station are full of small, pleasant, hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars where you can truly feel shitamachi. Kameido Gyoza is among the establishments that are most well-liked. The menu is really straightforward and just offers one item: fried gyoza. The attentive, energized crew keeps the platters filled with five dumplings each for a paltry 300 yen until you've had your fill.

Get in shape

There are many locations for sports and recreation, which should not be surprising given that the neighborhood has a shrine dedicated to sports. The largest is Kameido Chuo Park, a huge open area containing a baseball field, tennis courts, and a sports complex. In the spring, it's a fantastic place to see cherry blossoms. Visit Tatekawa Kasenjiki Park for a site that is more out of the ordinary. The park, which was constructed beneath a section of elevated expressway, features futsal courts, kid's play areas, kayaking opportunities, miniature golf, and even a koi pond with twin crimson bridges in honor of Kameido Tenjin Shrine.

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