Japanese for Beginners


Introduction to Japanese

  • Japanese Vowels: Discover how to write them in hiragana and how to pronounce them.

  • Japanese Verb Conjugations: See the conjugations for the most frequent verbs in Japanese.

  • Japanese Grammar:  Learn the features of sentence construction in Japanese grammar.

  • Japanese Writing Systems:  An summary of the three writing systems used in Japan.

  • Greetings and Everyday Expressions: Useful for travellers are greetings and common phrases.

  • First Meetings and Introductions: These pointers will be useful for both commercial and social interactions during first meetings and introductions.

  • Simple Japanese Phrases: Become familiar with a selection of basic Japanese phrases.

Learning Japanese Writing

Japanese is written using the kanji, hiragana, and katakana scripts. All three methods are frequently utilized in Japan, which does not have an alphabet. Kanji has thousands of characters and blocks of meaning. While katakana is used for foreign names, hiragana expresses the grammatical link between kanji symbols. The good news is that words are written exactly as they are pronounced in hiragana and katakana, which each have only 46 characters.

Comprehension and Pronunciation

A smart place to start is by being familiar with the language's sounds and rhythms. Lessons on audio and video can be useful. For a beginner, hearing someone talk in Japanese and being able to respond effectively is tremendously fulfilling.

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