April 16, 2021


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Why you should take a working holiday?

Working holiday visas allow travelers to work and sometimes study in another country. Most of these visas are offered under reciprocal agreements between countries to encourage travel and cultural exchange. Working holiday visas have several restrictions. Most visas are intended for travelers under the age of 30 and usually limit the length and type of employment to one year. Travelers must have sufficient funds to live before they find employment and some kind of health or travel insurance when it is not offered in the country. Despite these limitations, working holidays offer many benefits for young people.


If you are planning to travel for several months on tourist visas, you will likely need to work long and hard to save up tens of thousands of dollars. With a working holiday visa, you only need enough money to get by until you find employment, so you’ll likely spend much less time working before you leave. As an example, New Zealand citizens need just $3000 and a round-trip ticket to apply for a working holiday visa for Japan.


The ability to make money means that you can travel longer. There are several ways to manage work and travel. Some people work for several months, and then travel, while others prefer to travel for several months before they start working in one or two locations. Some prefer to alternate months of working and traveling. All these options give you a way to travel for up to two years in some cases, which is much longer than if you had a tourist visa.


While working on a working holiday visa, you’ll gain new skills working at jobs that you might not have a chance to do at home. In addition to these new skills, you’ll be more independent, decisive, and courageous. Experience working overseas looks great on a resume and can give you an advantage when applying for a job when you get back home.


Working in a country gives you a much better chance to assess the country than by simply traveling in it. It lets you determine whether or not you would like to move to the country permanently. You get to see how the economy functions, what the job market is like in your field, and whether you’re a good fit for the country in general.


Working holidays offer a great chance to practice a foreign language. Working in a country in which you don’t know the language can be a difficult experience, but the opportunity of full language immersion provides benefits beyond any classroom. While fitting in chances to learn can be difficult while working, language classes, conversation exchanges, and other group activities give you chances to meet new people and improve your language skills in social situations.


While working in another country, you will make new friends immediately. At first, they may be other travelers, but soon you will make local friends, which will give you a better cultural understanding and possibly chances to practice a new language. In addition, it may give you the opportunity to visit your new friends in their home countries and stay for free.




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