August 1, 2021


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Working in Japan is easier than ever! Get the perspective of an IT physical distribution worker.

Fourth Valley Concierge offers global recruiting services for people who want to work in Japan. We interviewed one such individual who landed a job with Ground Corporation in Japan. We sat down with him to hear about his experiences.

  • Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Ahmad Reza Shehabinia, I’m from Shiraz, Iran. I’ve been living in Japan for four years and have been working at Ground for around a year and a half.

  • Thank you. First of all, what led you to come to Japan?

Well, if you ask this question to foreigners who are living or looking forward to living in Japan, they would answer that Japan is a safe and developed country, has a tidy environment, and so on. These factors, of course, are very important especially for the well-being of my family that let me concentrate on my work with less concern. But other than that, I wanted to observe and experience the decision-making process in a Japanese organization, because I have always wanted to see how products and solutions are formulated here.

I think the only way to experience this is, to actually be in Japan. It’s not something that you can know just by reading or listening to someone else’s experiences.

Another thing is that Japan is a very customer-centric country. I think it would be difficult to find other places with customer satisfaction as high as Japan.

That’s why Japanese organizations pay attention to customer’s demands and form the solution or product accordingly. I think that the only way to get this mindset is to be in Japan and observe it firsthand as it’s such a high priority here.

  • When did you start thinking about working in Japan, and how did you look for a job?

I started to look for jobs when I was about to complete my Ph.D. program in Singapore. I wanted to move on to industry, rather than academia.

Of course, Japan was one of my top choices as a country because of its advanced industries. Some Japanese job fairs were held in Singapore, so I participated in them.

When I went to those events, I talked with some Japanese companies. Finally, I got landed an offer and came to Japan. This is the story of how I came to Japan.

Coming to Japan wasn’t something I planned in advance, but I’m happy to be here.

  • Why did you choose to apply to Ground, your current company?

Actually, I’ve been in Japan for four and a half years. I first came here to work for my previous company, and after 3 years I found out about Ground. It’s been about a year and a half now since I joined Ground.

  • Has your experience living and working in Japan differed from your initial expectations in any way?

In the beginning, I had some difficulty with the language, especially for shopping or finding an address. But now, compared to 4 years ago, Tokyo is way more English-friendly. There are so many signboards with English in stations.

There are also some mobile apps for translation, for example, one can take a photo of something and it translates the contents. So, now I think it’s becoming much easier for foreigners to work in Japan.

I think I prefer startups to big companies because I think large traditional Japanese companies have a very serious majime environment.” I guess it really depends on individuals’ preferences though. I mean, I prefer a startup environment and a comfortable work-space, like Ground.

  • That’s really great.  What are your goals? What do you want to do next?

As for career goals, I’m planning to become an entrepreneur and start my own company. In order to do that, I’ll need some product development skills and an appetite for sales and marketing. Also, I should learn how to build a team. So, I hope that at Ground I can build my skill set to be prepared for the next step.

  • I’m pretty sure there are many other people around the world today who want to find a job in Japan too. Could you give a message to those people?

I think those who are considering working in Japan have to consider three factors: happiness, work efficiency, and productivity.

First, they have to think and see whether or not the company they want to apply for would bring them happiness. Also, they have to think about how much they would enjoy living in Japan and working with Japanese, as well as experiencing a new culture and work environment.

The other factor is work efficiency. By that I mean they have to consider whether or not the place they intend to work in is an efficient work environment. If they have a chance to talk with their potential colleagues during the interview process, they should ask questions to see whether or not the working environment suits them.

The third is productivity, which is something related to the company’s products. To be productive, in the first place, employees should love their products. So I think applicants should do a comprehensive research about the company’s product and customers.

Finally, if the company can satisfy all three factors, I suggest going for it!

Fantastic. It seems like you’re having a good time working in Japan, soI’m happy for you. Thanks so much for your time.

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