What are the Advantages of Working in Japan?

“Working in Japan” may not sound as magical due to the notion and bias that working in Japan involves long working hours, strict hierarchy, and forced drinking parties. While these working culture may still hold true in some companies, we believe that the merits of working in Japan outweigh the disadvantages and here’s why. 


1.Substantial Welfare 

One of the good merits of working in Japan and in a Japanese company is all the welfare that you will get for working there. Japanese companies often provide various benefits to their employees such as social insurance, housing benefits, and transportation allowances. Moreover, recently, numerous companies install unique welfare programs which attract both Japanese and foreign workers. These involve free balanced lunch for workers on working days, financial support for health checkups, and a siesta system where workers can use some hours in the middle of the working hour to rest and do whatever they like. These substantial benefits are highly appreciated by both Japanese and foreign workers and is one of the points which you should look into when working in a Japanese company!


2. Identity Welcomed Greatly 

You might expect yourself to be a lone wolf when entering a Japanese company which mostly consists of Japanese workers. We would first like to point out that there has been a great increase of foreign workers in Japan in recent years. Furthermore, since numerous Japanese companies are now endeavoring in expanding their business overseas, your identity will be welcomed greatly in the company. Not only will you be a great support for the company’s business foreign expansion, but your presence will alsospark a new light into the Japanese working environment where it used to only consist of Japanese workers. Having various workers with numerous nationalities and backgrounds will make the  conversations and lives of workers more fruitful. 


3. Overwork? not really.. 

Japan may be notorious for the “black companies” where they make their workers work overtime from morning to night. However, this has been changing drastically due to the spread of the coronavirus. According to the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Labor, the number of Japanese companies which has installed flexible working systems has increased to 64 percent, which is a 5 percent rise from the previous year (https://www.mhlw.go.jp/toukei/itiran/roudou/jikan/syurou/22/dl/gaikyou.pdf) . Moreover, from the data gathered by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, when comparing the number of companies which has introduced remote working, it has risen from 17.6 percent 56.4 percent (https://www.soumu.go.jp/johotsusintokei/whitepaper/ja/r03/html/nd123410.html).  While these numbers may not directly show that people are working in a more balanced way, it is apparent that workers can now balance their work and private life and make their life more fulfilling. 


4.Dive into a New Adventure in Japan

Lastly, it is needless to say that if you do work in Japan, you will have more chances to explore the great places of Japan, which you could not have gone to if you were just traveling in Japan. For example, other than the great city Tokyo, there are core cities where tourists might not know but consist of unique shops and restaurants such as Koenji.  Moreover, if you work in a Japanese company, there is a greater chance that they will teach or even take you to local niche places where you would have never known. 

While these points are just a starter for introducing the great benefits of working in Japan, we hope that these four merits have somewhat changed how you feel about working in Japan in a positive light. Whenever you feel unsure or scared of working in Japan, please come back to this article and imagine all the wonderful experiences that you may gain while working in Japan.

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