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Launching your engineering career at Japan’s top IT companies: an interview with two engineers from Taiwan

As the internationalization trend accelerates among Japanese companies, there’s never been a better opportunity for Taiwanese students and graduates to pursue a career in...
4 min read

Japan’s IT Engineer Shortage has Reached a Critical Stage

SHORTAGE IS NOT A NEW PROBLEM Despite a large number of recent articles detailing the IT labor shortage in Japan, it is far from...
3 min read

The Best Times to Look for a Job

Conventional wisdom tells us to never quit a job until we have another one. Now there is data to prove this statement. A study...
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Holidays in Japanese Companies: What to Expect

For some, thinking about Japanese work culture easily conjures up the image of the tired, overworked salary-man dragging his feet to the train station...
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3 Times IT Professionals Should Consider an Overseas Job

#1 You’re stuck in the same job and your skills are underutilized Imagine you’ve been in the same position for more than a few...
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