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Holidays in Japanese Companies: What to Expect

For some, thinking about Japanese work culture easily conjures up the image of the tired, overworked salary-man dragging his feet to the train station...
4 min read

Taxes in Japan: Things Every Foreigner Should Know

It is no secret – every adult at some point will pay taxes. Yet despite their ubiquity, taxes remain something that nobody ever likes...
3 min read

Japanese Employee Welfare and Benefits

It is said that happy employees are the building blocks to a successful company, where an equal exchange of labour and compensation in turn...
3 min read

The Lowdown on Salary: How Much Do You Need in Japan?

The quest to find the right career for you can be a long and gruelling one, and after weeks and months of preparation, tests,...
3 min read

Why Japan has so few Unicorns

A “unicorn” is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion. When the term was originally coined in 2013, only 39 such...
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